A Higher Standard of “Quality”


A Higher Standard of “Quality”

Custom Jewelry Design


Our jewelry design department uses the latest computer aided design (CAD) technology along with years of traditional manufacturing and design experience to create one-of-a kind and limited edition works of art. 


Along with the unique pieces we make for sale we also custom make jewelry to your specifications. We can use your ideas and gemstones or ours to craft the jewelry you have always dreamed of. Using gems you already own can result in substantial savings over buying new. Custom jewelry is a great way of repurposing jewelry you have inherited or if your old jewelry just needs a style update.



The process starts with an idea or perhaps a simple drawing. A design is first created on our computer. We are able to examine the design from all angles to make sure that all of the details are correct and that the gemstones will be perfectly cradled in their settings. This process works exceptionally well for gemstones that are not of typical dimensions and that may not fit well in commercially available mountings.


Once a design is completed a photo-realistic rendering is made. This rendering can be viewed on a monitor, E-mailed or printed. Changing the size or location of stones. or the metal color or even one of the design elements can be done quickly and easily until the perfect design is achieved.


When the design has been perfected a precise model is made. The model is then cast into the desired metal, 14kt, 18kt gold or platinum. The stones are meticulously set by hand and the jewelry is polished to perfection. The design is now complete.


Our award winning designer has years of experience in art and design and would be happy to consult with you on your own unique creation.

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